How to Make Floating Candles: Interesting and Fun Hobby

floating-candlesIf you finally learn how to make floating candles, you will no longer need to spend money buying those expensive flower arrangements or crystal pieces to grace your tables during parties.

These mesmerizing floating candles are enough to awe your guests that they may soon ask you how to make them as well. Even better, they may order one from you once it is their turn to host a party.

Making floating candles is not really difficult. Others think that they need to learn deep science or special techniques to keep the candles floating but those really are not necessary.

It is similar to learning how to make gel candles but not as complex as how to make floating candle. At first you will assume that you need special skills and training to create your own, but after reading the instructions and following them carefully, you realize that it is very easy after all.

Why Do the Candles Float

This is probably the question that is in the minds of most of you. The answer is very simple: buoyancy due to their shapes. If you notice, these floating candles have bases that are smaller than their tops. It is similar to how boats are shaped. The way the water is displaced keeps these types of shapes floating on water.

When floating candles were first conceptualized, its shape was very simple, so much like a tapered cylinder. Today, more molds have been designed still following the concept but with the tops shaped into different objects, like flowers, tarts, animals, and hearts, among others. Use the right colors on them and you can make those floating candles seem real.

Advantages of Floating Candles

Floating candles are really nice decorative pieces. As mentioned above, you can make them your centerpieces in the dining table or in your cocktail bar when hosting a party. If you plan to have a barbecue in tfloating_candlehe backyard, you may also make those candles float on your pool to give the surrounding a warm and cheerful ambiance.

You can also use floating candles to make dinner night with the hubby more romantic. Place it on the living room table while you both enjoy your after dinner wine.

The best part probably is that creating these floating candles is not expensive at all. You can always reuse the bowl and fill it with candles that are appropriately shaped and designed for the occasion. Add the right scent and you will certainly kick the calming effect to a higher level.

Tips in Using Your Floating Candles

Try to design the candles to match whatever event you are hosting this is the best tip on how to make candles. For a party by the pool, for instance, make candles that are dyed with various colors and glow in flames of red, purple, and green. This will truly make the surrounding festive, which by itself will entertain your guests.

As centerpieces, you can add real flower petals on your glass bowl, which is perfect for baby showers or bridal showers. For birthdays, you can also add a ribbon under each candle to match the motif of the venue.

Floating candles are not just for special occasions, though. Pamper yourself with this eye-candy by placing the bowl on your bathroom floor while you enjoy a long warm bath. Candles that are scented with lavender or chamomile will definitely relax you and help you feel recharged after that experience.

Process of Making Floating Candles

Here are what you will need for this project – wax, candle wicks, molds, fragrance oil, dye, double boiler, wick bar, thermometer, glass bowl, and other decorative pieces, such as pebbles, sand, and stone.

Get your molds ready by hanging the wicks at the center. You can use wick bars or a couple of chopsticks to keep them in place. Unlike other container candles, you must not glue the wick at the bottom of the mold because you have to remember that you need to remove it from the mold after it has cooled. Place the prepared molds in a try, close together for easy pouring later on.

Melt the wax on the double boiler. You can use paraffin wax or soy wax for this because they are able to stand on their own once hardened. Keep a close watch on the temperature. Paraffin wax, for instance, should be heated only up to 185oF, avoid going beyond that. Once it has completely melted, add your choice of dye. It really is up to you how intense you want the colors to become.

If your mold is shaped like roses, for example, you can create white, rich red, pink or yellow ones. After achieving your desired shade, remove the boiler from the heat. Let it cool for a couple of minutes and add your essential oils. Again, if you are making rose candles, there are rose fragrances available to match them perfectly.

Pour the melted wax on your molds slowly. Try filling them up to the brim since they tend to shrink once cooled. Let them cool for at least 24 hours. Remove from the molds and trim the wicks.

Once your candles are ready, it is time to prepare your bowl. You can place some colored pebbles or sand at the bottom for an added design. Add water up to about ¾ of the bowl’s height. You may drop some liquid dye on the water if you want. Place the finished candles on the water and light them up when needed. Remember not to overly crowd the surface because floating candles do move around.

As you can see, there is no magic there and the steps are very much similar to making regular paraffin candles. All you need is the right shape of molds and you can perfect your skills on how to make floating candles.

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