How to Make Scented Candles For Your Homes

ScentedCandlesWhen learning how to make homemade candles, there is no doubt that you will come upon the process of how to make scented candles. Basically, these are candles that are infused with essential oils or aromatics, which means that as they burn they also emit certain fragrances in the environment.

In other words, aside from having designs that are pleasing to the eyes, candles can be pleasing to your olfactory senses as well. The making and use of fragrant candles goes a long way back and is bounded in the science of aromatherapy.

What is Aromatherapy

Essentially, aromatherapy is defined as the science and art of using fragrances to heal the mind, body, and spirit. It dates back to the time of ancient Egyptians, about 5000 years ago. Aside from using scents in candles, they slather essential oils in their bodies, place them in their bath water, and even use it in the embalming process. These oils are pure extracts from the plants, so they are safe and natural sources.

From then on, it has continued to be used as an alternative method to stimulate certain moods or energize the body. New studies even support its effectiveness. Experts in the field of neuroscience have found in their studies that the olfactory regions of the brain do influence human emotions.

They have also observed that aromatherapy can have the same effect as meditation in managing stress. With such an option that is readily available and with studies that prove its effectiveness, there is no reason why you should not practice aromatherapy even in the comforts of your homes. Nowadays, the best way to do that is by lighting scented candles that you personally made.

Process of Making Scented Candles

You can make any type of candle scented, you just have to remember to use the right aromatics for the specific kind of candle that you intend to make. For example, when using paraffin candles, most type of fragrances will blend well with the paraffin wax easily. The same thing cannot be said with gel candles.

Since this variety of candle is made from mineral oil, it has to be mixed with a fragrance that dissolves easily with oil. These are also termed as polar fragrances. If you have old stocks of fragrances at home and are not sure if they are compatible for use with gel Scented Candles2candle, you can easily find out for yourself by mixing a little amount of mineral oil with the fragrance.

If there is no separation after 30 minutes then you can use it, otherwise buy new fragrance that are specifically made for gel wax. Aside from the miscibility, the flash point of the fragrance also matters when making gel candles.

Gel wax burn in a higher temperature compared to paraffin or soy candle. If the flash point of the fragrance is lower than this burning temperature, there is a hazardous risk to the mixture. To be extra sure, buy fragrances that are safe for use with gel wax.

The process of making scented candles is very much the same as making regular candles. However, after melting your preferred choice of wax, you need to remove it from the heat then mix in the essential oil. For strong fragrances, a few drops per pound of wax will be enough. For light fragrances, use more.

Removing the melted wax from the heat source is important because the strength of these fragrances is affected by the heat. After thoroughly mixing the melted wax with the essential oil, pour them in your prepared containers and let it cool down slowly. For aromatherapy to be effective, it is advised that you do it regularly, so having several candles in the different rooms in your home will be a good idea.

Different Aromas for Different Effects

Certain scents bring out different emotions from people. You do not need scientific studies to prove that. Take for example when you smell the scent of vanilla or cinnamon. It can bring back memories of your childhood years when your grandma used to bake freshly made breads and pastries at home.

The scent of rose can bring you to back to your mother’s rose garden where you spent hours of your day playing when you were young. When these scents reach your olfactory regions, you suddenly feel happy and comforted. If your aim is to relax your body from the rigors of work, try jasmine, chamomile, geranium, and lavender.

To liven up and energize your body, citrus or basil scents are sure to perk you up. To focus your mind if you are in the middle of making crucial decisions or working on a report, try lilac-scented candles. To boost the effects of your meditation, light candles infused with frankincense in the room as you relax your body. To create the right mood for your date night, the scent of rose or sandalwood emanating from your dinner table candles will be just perfect.

It is easy to learn how to make scented candles. The challenge is picking the right fragrances to get the effect that you sought for. You can try mixing two or more scents together to make your own special scent that will create the right aroma to your environment that is specially you.

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